Learn about All-On-4 Tooth Implants

Discover All-on-4 Tooth Implants:

Dr. Paulo Malo developed All-On-4 Tooth Implant Placement as a collaboration with Nobel Biocare to quickly and successfully place dental implants. Through computer simulation, biomechanics, and clinical studies to determine the most efficient way to restore either full upper or lower arch of teeth with this fast procedure – no bone grafts or other extensions necessary!

What’s Involved?

To determine whether a patient is suitable for All-On-4 Tooth Implants, your dentist will conduct an extensive assessment. This could involve taking impressions, measuring bone density and taking x-rays or CT scans. Four implants are needed per arch – those at the back maximize bone density in specific areas. All-On-4 implants were designed with speed in mind so those who qualify can have their implants fitted successfully along with their replacement teeth within just one dental visit!

What Do I Need?

Implants are an ideal solution to replace missing teeth for those with dentures or who require full upper or lower restorations. The entire process, from placement of the Tooth Implants to immediate fitting of restorations, can be completed in just one appointment – perfect for those who don’t want to wait weeks before enjoying their new smiles. Furthermore, patients lacking enough bone mass for Tooth Implants still benefit from this procedure since no invasive bone grafting surgery is required.

What Are the Advantages of Laser Use?

Patients can receive their new teeth in just one visit, which is much faster than traditional Tooth Implants which may take up to one year for completion. Furthermore, this procedure is less invasive and even works if there are bone issues present. With only one appointment required for both components – fitting the implant and getting replacement teeth – patients enjoy faster turnaround times between stages without any waiting periods in between them.

What Are the Alternatives?

  • Bone Grafts This procedure increases bone mass in the jaw, enabling implanting of Tooth Implants.
  • Traditional Tooth Implants- Tooth implants can be used to reconstruct an entire arch. In some cases, bone grafts may be necessary to increase bone density and support the implants, but after several months the area must heal so restorations can be placed.
  • Dentures – Dentures are an alternative option for replacing missing or damaged teeth without the need for Tooth Implants..