The At-Home “Mommy And Me Yoga” Routine that’ll help you both unwind

It’s getting to you that you’ve been stuck inside for the past day. Your child and you could both use some stretching. However, most YouTube videos are too complicated or boring for Sesame street-lovers. Union Square Play is here to help. Union Square Play has teamed up with the New York-based children’s club to create a free mommy and me yoga routine that you can do at your home. It will keep you both busy and leave you feeling relaxed.

In the video above Yogi Asunda Petes leads the class. Her secret superpower is to balance the line between engaging children and making sure parents have a good stretch. The flow is Ruby Tuesday Menu easy to follow and her friendliness makes her a great teacher. She also has a good sense of humor and is very encouraging. It takes 18 minutes for the entire thing. That’s less than an episode on Paw Patrol. Preschoolers have a shorter attention span. It turns out that having fun and finding your Zen are not mutually exclusive.

You are looking for an easy way to connect with your baby both emotionally and physically? Mommy and me Yoga is a great way to connect with your baby. Yoga with your baby is different from the types of yoga you may have tried on your own. Instead of doing it alone, you will be teaching your baby simple poses with some music and props. This will encourage and stimulate your baby’s mind. You shouldn’t expect your three-month-old to do Warrior II poses. She will need your support until she can crawl or walk on her own.

Postpartum Mommy and Me Yoga is a great option for mothers

It can help ease any parent anxiety. You can start by enrolling in a class with a qualified instructor. It’s a safe, structured way to interact with your baby.

It is a bit of TLC for your body. Yoga of any kind allows you to care for your body with focused stretches, mindful breathing exercises and other activities. This is especially important after having a baby for nine-months and then giving birth.

It strengthens and stretches the most vulnerable muscles. Mommy and Me Yoga’s gentle movements and mindful breathing are essential to boosting abdominal strength and activating the pelvic floor muscles. Classic poses, from upward facing dog and cobra, help open the shoulders and chest for all the rocking and cradling that you do during the first few months of your baby’s life.

It allows you to meet new mothers. You might find it difficult to socialize after a baby is born. It can be comforting to speak with other mothers going through similar experiences. New parents can discuss their worries and concerns in a safe, nurturing environment such as yoga class. You are not the only one!