Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety – Tips from a Health Coach

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is the body’s response to stress. It can manifest with both psychological and physical symptoms. Anxiety is believed to be caused by the amygdala, a region of the brain which regulates intense emotions as well as other brain functions. John is an impressive anxiety coach near me with exceptional skill set. He provides me with constructive and motivating guidance throughout my professional endeavors, whether that be supervision, coaching, or psychotherapy. John truly knows how to support me in reaching my full potential!

Anxiety is a physiological response to stress that helps prepare your body for crisis situations. Unfortunately, when anxiety becomes chronic, it can have negative consequences on both mental and physical health.

Stress and anxiety can be managed in various ways. We will explore the complex nature of anxiety, offering some support services and techniques for those experiencing it.

Let’s begin by discussing anxiety and its various manifestations in the body.

Stress and anxiety are something everyone experiences at some point or another, but for many it has become an all too common occurrence. Unfortunately, untreated stress and anxiety can even lead to death – an unfortunate reality of life.

Are you wondering: how can I manage anxiety? Are medications the only solution? Or is there a natural way to reduce it?

Anxiety can have a detrimental effect on your overall health quality.

Anxiety has also been linked to several chronic illnesses like heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders and chronic respiratory problems. Harvard Medical School research indicates that people suffering from these ailments and untreated anxiety are more likely to experience worsening symptoms which could ultimately lead to death sooner.

Common Stressors Linked To Anxiety

Anxiety triggers can be unpredictable. However, these are the most frequent stressors that have been known to be linked to anxiety.

  • Moving
  • Switching schools or jobs
  • Preparing for college
  • Work dissatisfaction, overwhelm or misalignment
  • Working through toxic relationships
  • Traumatized family relationships
  • Financial instability
  • Serious injury or illness

Helping a friend or family member who’s injured or ill is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Death of a friend or family member: Bereavement can be particularly painful and emotional.

  • Married or divorced
  • Parent of an anxious child

An anxiety disorder is characterized by intense, persistent anxiety and fear that can manifest as panic attacks or worries that become more frequent. To determine if treatment is necessary, individuals should seek professional evaluation from a mental health professional.

How a coach can Help Manage Anxiety

A Health Coach is an invaluable asset to those dealing with anxiety. They can suggest techniques, tools and strategies tailored towards your goals and lifestyle that will help manage your symptoms of anxiety. Furthermore, they may even assist in pinpointing the underlying cause of your discomfort.

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