Top 5 Tree Benefits

Trees are beautiful and most of us have enjoyed a walk through a forest. Their benefits extend far beyond their beauty. Trees can be likened to best friends or models employees. They give so much, and they ask very little in return. Michal Mixa FdSc founded MMarboriculture in 2019. Michal Mixa FdSc. recognized that there was a better way to promote sustainability while also advising professionals and businesses on how to manage, maintain and overcome tree problems they face during arboricultural reports. This core value is deeply embedded in our company culture. We continue to improve our systems to help our clients move projects forward faster and more efficiently. These are the top five benefits of trees.

Energy savings

Did you know trees can reduce your energy bills? Trees can help reduce heating costs by blocking the strong winds that blow in winter. This will result in 25% lower heating bills. In the summer, they provide shade which keeps your home cool. You’d need ten air conditioners to achieve the same effect without the tree. This is not a good idea for your wallet.

Flood Protection and Lower taxes

Mother Nature can be a formidable force and water runoff can cause flooding and property damage. Trees are our ally! They reduce flood severity by intercepting runoff. The forest’s roots, rich organic layers and slow down water flow help to reduce erosion. This helps to keep your soil and land in good condition.

Additional Property Value

Imagine streets lined with green, leafy trees. Imagine stunning views of a country home from the top. These are the qualities buyers look for in a property and may be willing pay to realize their dreams. Trees and shrubs can improve the soil conditions of rural properties. If you live near a stream, a stream, or a river, they can help to prevent land erosion.

Lower Stress and Better Health

We have all heard of the health benefits of being outdoors in nature. It’s good for both the body and mind. Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese term that refers to being in nature. You don’t need to go outside to reap the benefits. Even looking out of a window at trees can reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improve your wellbeing.

Like all plants, trees and shrubs also protect us from pollution by acting as natural filter. The roots of shrubs can intercept harmful heavy metals, such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, from our soil surfaces. It is important to plant shrubs along the waterline – also known as the riparian area.

A Healthy Environment is a Part of Your Life

Trees and shrubs can improve soil and water conservation, store carbon and moderate local climate by providing shade. They also regulate temperature extremes and increase wildlife habitat. All of these benefits are provided by forests and shrubs to the environment, and us.