Riau Kratom – All You Need To Know About It

Riau Kratom, a newly developed cultivar of the plant has caused quite a stir within Western botanical markets. Not surprising then that this Mitragyna strain quickly gained popularity online; initially known as Sumatra but now more commonly referred to by its brand name Riau Kratom; while similar in many respects to its counterpart, this Indonesian Ketum variety offers several distinctive advantages over Sumatra.

After being created, it was given its own name in order to stand out against other varieties. While its name may seem straightforward and basic, this strain has quickly become one of the most coveted Mitragyna strains due to its unique properties that draw users in day after day. Because of its unique alkaloid profile and genetic makeup, this strain offers a more relaxed high than most.

Discover what sets this Mitragyna variety apart. Discover why its leaves are so distinctive.


This Mitragyna strain was initially identified in Riau, an Indonesian Sumatra Island rural region near Malacca Strait and with beautiful scenery such as lush forests with wild Kratom trees abounding; making the tropical atmosphere even more vibrant!

Most years are humid and wet. Because rainforest soil contains plenty of moisture and nutrients, trees in these environments can reach heights up to 100 feet tall – the only way to acquire authentic Riau from its southern roots on Sumatra.

Due to their tropical climate with heavy rainfall and high average temperature, Ketum leaves from this region are known for their incredible fragrance and toughness, durability and wide array of effects.

The Procedure of Harvesting and Producing Riau Kratom

Riau Ketum trees mature naturally without external assistance or interference, allowing their leaves to flourish within their native environments without interference from outside. When plants reach harvest-able condition, farmers inspect them carefully for signs of disease before beginning harvest. Experienced workers then transport these leaves back to a dry zone immediately after being picked – an essential stage that determines how reliable the final result will be. The leaves then dry for an extended period in direct sunlight before being processed by modern methods to preserve both its unique fragrance and healthy components.

Manufacturers purchase dry and processed Speciosa leaves that have been lab tested, then these leaves can be transformed into products like Kratom powder or capsules. Once lab tested items have been packaged for sale.

What Makes It So Unique?

The Mitragyna variety is distinguished by its distinct flavor. Kratom leaves can sometimes cause stomach ache; however, those who take this specific strain have come to love the aroma and taste!

Mitragyna plants differ from others by offering a sweet taste and relaxing aroma that helps users unwind. What sets this one apart, though, are all of its unique benefits from Indo Korth leaves and Sumatra combined into one balanced package that provides numerous health advantages for its consumers.