Schiffert Health Center doctors

The Affordable Care Act, signed by President Obama, allows Americans 26 and younger to continue to be covered under their parents’ insurance. This provision is maintained by the GOP bill. However, college students who lose their parents’ schiffert health center coverage due to the new bill will also lose their health coverage.

Young people fear the thought of being without health insurance. However, students at Virginia Tech have an ally: Schiffert Health Center. Students, Leggings Vs Yoga Pants who have 12 credits or more per semester are eligible to use the health center at no extra cost. Part-time students can also use the health center on campus for a small fee, as the cost of student insurance is included in their tuition.

Janet Harer (adult nurse practitioner, coordinator of Women’s Clinic) stated that “we are very cost-effective and provide high quality health care.” “We strive to make it easy for students and cost-effective.”

Many students think of Schiffert as a place they can go to when they have a cold. However, the center offers a variety of services that may be of benefit to them. There are 12 doctors available at the center every week, including doctors of osteopathic medicine and physician aids.

Harer said, “We are real practitioners.” Harer continued, “We are as real and as real as the practitioners they have seen before we ever get here.”

The availability of resources to safeguard sexual health is one aspect of the Republican health bill that will affect college students. Planned Parenthood would be unable to receive Medicaid funding for one year under the bill. The federal government already blocks Medicaid patients from getting abortion services. However, the new bill would prevent Planned Parenthood from funding them for a year. This includes services such as contraception and testing for sexually transmitted diseases. These services will be more costly for those who are not insured, as separate insurance policies may not cover them.

Schiffert’s Women’s Clinic offers many of these services including annual exams, breast exams and contraception information and prescriptions. Although some services leggings vs yoga pants are not free, they are more affordable than visiting an outside specialist.

Students may not be aware of the Schiffert Health Center’s ability to treat larger injuries. Schiffert Health Center has a treatment area where students can receive assistance in wound care, eye care, and after-surgery. Schiffert Health Center is in close contact with the Virginia Tech Rescue Squad, which can be used to transport patients to the hospital if they are severely injured. The health center offers X-ray equipment, which allows radio technologists access to the images from their computers.