TimeDoc Health: named Allscripts App Of The Month for Providing Valueful Patient Care

TimeDoc Health’s co-founder and chief executive officers, Will Boeglin said, “Reimbursement through remote patient monitoring and chronic care management has become a major source of revenue. However, most organizations face challenges in figuring out how to use existing EHR platforms to efficiently track, document, and get reimbursed” for the care they provide under these CPT codes. We have investedĀ  timedoc health in our integration capabilities for Allscripts Pro EHR(tm), and Allscripts practice management(tm), which allows our software to be used in conjunction with Allscripts to help you start or scale up virtual care management programs.

Bi-directional integration with the Allscripts Professional EHR/PM system is an important feature that will allow thousands of organizations to improve their virtual care management programs’ efficiency. This integration will allow providers Susans Health Gourmet to benefit from data sync between the Allscripts EHR (and TimeDoc Health software), optimizing their clinical workflows. Data synchronization allows patient information, such as ICD-10 diagnosis and active medication, as well as patient documents, such as timedoc health care plans, encounter summaries, to be transferred between both systems. This will reduce the need for duplicate documentation. The best part is that billing charges will automatically be pushed into provider EHR systems for approval and quick review. This will reduce manual billing time, which will help practices save tens of thousands of dollars on operational billing.

TimeDoc Health is a leader in healthcare by streamlining and strengthening CCM care and RPM care. CCM bridges the gap between face to face appointments and improves patient health outcomes by addressing care gaps. Remote patient monitoring (RPM), which uses asynchronous care, allows patients to send vital health data directly to their providers outside of the healthcare setting. TimeDoc Health brings together these elements of healthcare by integrating Allscripts with TimeDoc Health. This enables multiple care coordination programs to be managed under one platform.

CCM care and RPM care share one goal: to improve a patient’s life quality through meaningful care. CCM and RPM both can improve patients’ lives while also providing new revenue streams for providers.

TimeDoc Health is a leader in virtual healthcare management for healthcare providers. It is located in Chicago, Illinois. It helps providers establish care management programs to help patients with behavioral and chronic health conditions. This allows them to provide truly continuous, comprehensive care. This solution integrates a SaaS-based care management platform with remote monitoring and care coordination services to support behavioral health integration, chronic disease management, and remote patient monitoring.