Susans Health Gourmet: – A Special Message to Former Clients

We heard about Freshology’s closure in early last year. Fresh Diet followed suit. Today, we learned that Susans Health Gourmet had also closed its doors. We understand the disappointment and pain that these people are experiencing. We sympathize with former customers of Freshology, Fresh Diet and Susans Health Gourmet, who now have no food service, especially at this time of the year when so many people are busy with the holidays and getting ready to start a new year of eating healthier.

If you are a past client of Freshology, Fresh Diet or Susans Health Gourmet, we strongly encourage you to give California Chef a chance! California Chef has been in operation for more than 13 years and is proud to offer the best personalized healthy meal delivery service within the greater Los Angeles region.

We use only the best ingredients and personalize every meal for every client. After getting to know you and your dietary goals, we will do the rest. We will calculate your daily calories and create delicious meals with only the ingredients you love. There are no restrictions on what we can include in your meals. We measure each component of your meals to make sure you get the right macros and calories that will help reach your goals. You can choose from a variety of plans, including organic, diabetic-friendly and low-sodium. We believe that if you love what your eat, there is no need to cheat!

We don’t require any commitment on a health rising long-term basis. Instead, we only bill you for one week. You can try us out for a week to find out if you like our service. Sign up for at least five days to get your first day FREE with the promo code FREE DAY Take a look at our pricing and meal delivery plans. California Chef is the best time to move!