Water Hammer Problems

You may have ever heard a loud banging sound in your pipes after shutting off a faucet. Perhaps it’s a sound like your dishwasher or washing machine is banging on your pipes. These loud sounds could be caused by a water hammer problem if you have pipes made of metal. This annoying problem, also known as hydraulic shock, is caused by water changing directions or stopping suddenly. This shockwave causes water to suddenly change directions or stop abruptly, causing pipes to bang against each other as well as their wooden frames. This problem is not only loud but can also cause plumbing joints to become loosening and even damage pipes. Water hammer problems can also affect plastic pipes, even though it’s harder to notice and hear.

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Lock Pipes

Sometimes, water hammer issues may be caused when pipes aren’t properly secured. Check the areas around the pipes, such as basements, for loose straps or hangers that might be allowing them to move. To absorb shock and reduce noise, you might also consider adding foam insulation to your pipes.

Add an Air Chamber

Installing an air chamber next to the valves that are causing the hammering can be done if you can pinpoint the source. This provides a cushion that allows water to quietly rebound in case of sudden direction changes. Although there are many commercial options for the handyman, it is an easy and quick fix for experienced plumbers. They will need to be drained over time to keep them functioning as intended.

Add a Water Pressure Regulator

Water hammer can occur when the home’s water pressure is too high. Water pressure should be between 30 and 55 psi. It is possible for water pressure to exceed this level, especially if it is greater than 100m. This can make appliances and cause noise problems. A pressure regulator protects all your pipes and features, not only those that can be installed with an air chamber.