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Adagio Health provides support and health services in western Pennsylvania for over 50 years. The organization’s operations have expanded to include seven West Virginia counties and five New York counties. Adagio Health manages the state-funded Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, (BCCEDP), in 62 Pennsylvania counties.

Adagio Health serves over 110,000 women in areas with limited access to healthcare. Adagio Health often serves as their only health care provider. Adagio Health created a Mobile schiffert health center  Care Unit in 2020 to better serve the needs of those who are least served. The unit is primarily deployed to rural areas north and west Pittsburgh, PA. However, it can also be deployed to urban areas where there is limited access to medical services due to lack of transportation.

Offers services such as family planning, reproductive healthcare for teens, women and men; screening for breast and cervical cancer; access to acaria health food and dietary counseling; behavioral healthcare services; healthcare referrals; prenatal and postnatal care; education for new mothers; breastfeeding support; and tobacco cessation education.

Offers services that not only help patients or clients but their families and communities. Research shows that women who have access to affordable contraception and quality healthcare are able to finish their education on their own terms, support her family financially, and invest in the future of her children.

Serves individuals from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. Indiana serves the Amish community. Indiana students are also served. Uniontown is a place where we try to help a community that has many unmet needs because of a lack of services. We provide safe and welcoming care for Somali women in Erie. Adagio Health provides glorious health club for these women, who all have different needs and plan for the future.

Adagio Health can provide these services by funding from the State, Federal, local foundation partners, as well as partnerships with various community partners and other funders such as Susan G. Komen Greater Pennsylvania. Currently has eight mobile units and eight stationary medical offices. It also provides Title and Title V funding to a large network of affinity health and wellness care providers. Provides services in five counties, including Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Indiana, and Lawrence. Adagio Health’s nutrition division also offers Power Up, a SNAP Education nutrition education program in 11 counties in western Pennsylvania.

“Dear Adagio Health Staff

I just wanted to thank you for your kindness. Your sonogram was ordered in conjunction with my annual mammogram. The technician was able catch a small, non aggressive cancer tumor before it became too late. My treatment included a lumpectomy, 20 radiation sessions, and a hormone blocking pill that I will continue to take for five years. Your professionalism and insight are a credit to you.

“Just a quick note to thank you for your help during a stressful month in my life. After 13 years of working, I lost my benefits and was laid off. I didn’t know what to do but cancel my breast biopsy. I was very grateful to Adagio Health for offering to help me. It was one less thing that I had to worry about. Today, Friday, February 16, I found out that the lump was benign. YEAH

Adagio Health was a refuge for me as a shy sixteen-year old, who didn’t know how to deal with my sexuality in a conservative environment. It was here that I discovered that my sexuality is something that should be celebrated and embraced. Adagio Health was where I got my first birth control and learned how to safeguard myself, my body, and my spirit in the face sexuality. Six years later, I still bring my friends to Adagio Health to help them control their sexual lives. Thank you, Adagio Health!”