Are you a RA and want to get out?

Rheumatoid arthritis can be a difficult diagnosis. It is not easy to manage medications, therapy, flare ups, pain, and other issues. You may need a vacation to get away from everything. You may feel restricted by the places and activities you can do when planning your summer vacation.

You don’t have to be a sunbather. We’ve compiled eight RA-friendly vacation suggestions specifically for you. Let’s get going!

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1. Take a hike in a national park

It is no surprise that RA symptoms can be improved by being active. So why not move with a beautiful view? Hiking trails are a great way to get up close and personal experience of the beauty Mother Nature offers. Walking has a health benefit for RA. Walking helps to reduce inflammation and protect your joints. This vacation idea can be used by anyone, and it’s great for creating your own mini-journey.

It doesn’t take long to find it: A rewarding hiking trip does not require you to travel to Mount Everest. Find local hiking and walking trails in your area, pack a picnic and enjoy the fresh air.

2. Test your golf skills

Golf is a great outdoor activity that is less rugged, but still offers many challenges. You can enjoy a challenging mental game in a relaxed setting that allows you to relax and de-stress. The 18-hole course is a challenge for your muscles and joints. You can also walk the course or swing the club.

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Get together your friends and go to a local course for a day of fun in the sun. For a delicious reward after the game, pair your tee with lunchtime. Your day can feel like a hole in one, regardless of your final score!

3. Relax in a yoga retreat

A yoga retreat is a great option for those who want to unwind and get refocused. Yoga is easy on the joints and can help you reduce symptoms, improve flexibility, and reduce tension. You don’t have to be intimidated if you’ve never tried it before. Remember, vacations are all about experiencing new things!

You can find it locally: Take a few classes at a local yoga studio to see how you feel. It’s possible to make it a date with your partner. Yoga can strengthen your relationship.

4. Cruise with sails

Get your sea legs and go on a cruise to enjoy a completely off-the-grid, unstructured vacation. RA can cause onset fatigue and joint inflammation. It is important to take breaks from activities in order to manage your condition. A cruise is a great place to relax and unwind. You can unwind at the spa, go to the gym or dance on the platform.

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It’s not local: Although you may be close to a cruise port, a cruise vacation is far more local. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy the same inclusive benefits. Create your own staycation. You can go off-grid by putting down your electronics, surround yourself with your favorite foods, self-care products, and making the weekend yours!

5. Relax in hot springs

Heating is an excellent way to reduce joint pain, stiffness, and relax muscles. Heat packs can be a lifesaver, but you also have the option to relax and take a dip in “healing” water. Hot springs are hot areas where hot water flows naturally from the ground to pooled areas.

Look for it locally: Although there may not be a hot spring nearby, you still have options for heat-relaxing activities. Enjoy a day at the spa and relax with a hotstone massage.

Explore the west for hot springs. You can find hot springs in Colorado at Glenwood Springs, Oregon at Breitenbush Hot Springs, and California at Wilbur Hot Springs.

Pro tip: Talk to your doctor or therapist about other heating methods that might be useful on your trip.

6. Lay on the beach

Spending a day on sand can be enough to make a vacation memorable. Enjoy the summer heat, and then relax with a book or meditate. To keep your joints healthy, go for a stroll along the beach if you feel the need. Listening to the waves and searching for shells can help you feel more present. Go for a dip when the heat is too intense. Swimming is a great, non-impact joint activity.

7. Explore a city

No matter how small or big a city is, there’s no reason to be bored when exploring new places. Imagine the wonderful restaurants, charming shops, and informative tours! You’ll be able to strengthen your joints with all the walking you do. You don’t have to go hiking if you find it too outdoory.

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Local: Visit the nearest town or just a few hours away to find out what it is like. You’ll never know where you might find the best culture.